Phase 2

Factory Building
Crafted for Textile Revolutions

Catering to the rising demands of the textile industry, Maharashtra’s largest apparel park, Asmeeta Texpa - Phase 2, brings to you Factory Buildings curated for prominent entrepreneurs & corporates to achieve remarkable growth in their business.
With offerings of varied sizes and dimensions along with facilities to undertake large productions beginning from cutting, stitching, storage and office space, now one can tailor the scope of their entrepreneurial engagement in accordance to the requirements all under one roof.
Adding value and efficiency to expand business sales, the factory buildings are designed in urbanity that is ultra-spacious, extending ease and comfort at affordable prices. A self-sustained project with a unique and integrated industrial space projects innovation and dynamism in elevating itself to be the leading destination that is finest for your business.

  • 18,000 sq. ft. Area. Onwards
  • Customization available as per business requirement.
  • Easy loading and unloading of goods.

Unit & Building Level Value Addition

  • RCC Structure designed to take load upto G+5 floors along with Mezzanine floors
  • Higher live load capacity of 800 Kg / Sq.m. UDL
  • 30% Mezzanine to take live load 500 kg. / Sq.m. UDL.
  • Two High speed passenger lifts with 15 passenger capacity
  • Two 2 Ton Goods Lift
  • 20 KVA load connection for each unit
  • 2.25 mt main passage for easy goods handling
  • 1.6 mt fire passages, equivalent to normal passages
  • Fire sprinkler facility in Lobby & passages with provision for connection to units and hydrant at each floor
  • Kotah stone flooring with better workmenship both at floor level & Mezzanine level
  • Waterproofing in brickbat coba with 5 year warranty
  • Large size Aluminium sliding windows with three/four tracks

Floor Plans

  • Ground Floor Furniture

  • E4 ground floor plan

  • E4 typical MEZZANINE floor furniture plan

  • E4 typical floor furniture floor plan

  • E4 typical floor plan

  • E4 typical floor plan

  • gala bldg E6 ground floor

  • gala bldg E6 isometric

  • gala bldg E6 Schematic section

  • gala bldg E6 triple gala interior & section plan

  • gala bldg E6 triple gala interior & section plan

  • gala bldg E6 twin gala interior & section plan

  • gala bldg E6 twin gala interior & section plan

  • gala bldg E6 typical floor

  • gala bldg E6 unit plan area

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